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This is a story of fast flowing football, title and trophy wins, rhubarb and Alpacas…

The history of football being played in the village of Carlton goes back to 1922, when land was purchased by local business owners the Charlesworths, who owned the local colliery. The land for both cricket and Football was purchased for £275.

The first known success for the was in the 1922/23 season, known then as Carlton United. Both the football and cricket teams were based out of the still present Unicorn Inn. Villagers knew when Carlton were at home, as they could hear their boots on the village streets as they walked from the pub to the Ground at Town Street.

Carlton United 1932-33

More success followed just before WWII broke out when the Reserves won the league 1934/35. There are no records of any games of either sport taking place during the war years. And very little information until 1953.

Carlton United 1934-35

In 1953 Les Woolford and Ken Clayborough brought a team from Northfield Avenue to play at Town Street. And Carlton Athletic was established. The team as it was then, was a blend of cricket and football, and then transformed over the years.

Back in the day the football changing rooms were a wooden hut located at the far end of the Town Street ground. Then in the 1980s the current football changing rooms were built, and in their day were a great facility. Town Street also had floodlights!

In more recent times the club joined the West Yorkshire league. One of the best amateur leagues around in more recent years and great steppingstone for players to move up the football league.

More information featured in this story: https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/sport/carlton-athletic-end-west-yorkshire-leagues-30-year-wait-title-hat-trick-repeat-481489

League winners

1980–81 Carlton Athletic
1981–82 Carlton Athletic
1991–92 Carlton Athletic
1995–96 Carlton Athletic
1996–97 Carlton Athletic
2000–01 Carlton Athletic
2002–03 Carlton Athletic
2007–08 Carlton Athletic
2016–17 Carlton Athletic
2017–18 Carlton Athletic
2018–19 Carlton Athletic

1991–92 Senior Challenge Cup
1996–97 Senior Challenge Cup
1999–00 Senior Challenge Cup
2001–02 Senior Challenge Cup
2007–08 Senior Challenge Cup
2010–11 Senior Challenge Cup
2011–12 Senior Challenge Cup
2015–16 Senior Challenge Cup
2017–18 Senior Challenge Cup

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